Organized and power by TAIWAN Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) and Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office (SIPO), the Taiwan Connected Automated Vehicle Innovation Forum is a three-day event that brings together decision makers from Smart car AI Electronic industries to learn from and be inspired by some the world’s most renowned business figures.

Learn and be inspired by some of the most influential figures in the business world and beyond; A blend of content delivered by entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and creative minds.

Offering a unique blend of ideas and inspiration, the Taiwan Connected Automated Vehicle Innovation Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s critical businesspeople stimulating new thinking and motivation action, whilst also offering a great opportunity for high-level networking.


16 - 18 January, 2019

Three Days Seminar

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16 Jan.
11:00 ~ 12:00
Seminar Room : East- B
Automotive Ethernet, the latest development in line with a homogeneous in-vehicle network

IVN today comprises of a lot of subnetworks connected through gateways. Various IVN technologies applied and followed different communication principles. OEMs today need to design complex mechanisms to ensure the data transferring consistency and timing accuracy between subnetworks. Automotive Ethernet enables OEMs to redefine IVNs.

スピーカー: Ms. Betty Chen

Assistant Project Manager
Communications Network Business Group, ARD (Automotive R&D)

  • In charge of automotive Ethernet product planning
  • Product marketing at EU automotive manufacturers (Auto OEM)
  • Overseas business development at EU market
  • 17 Jan.
    11:00 ~ 12:00
    Seminar Room : East- B
    3D Depth Sensing for Enhanced ADAS

    As we are fast moving toward the autonomous driving world, we require a better quality image, depth sensing & capture devices to create Big Data for such AI/ML need. Etron along with its subsidiaries eYs3D & eEver have been offering the latest active/passive 3D vision depthmap sensing as well as high speed data transmission technologies that been adopted by world leading companies. Come and learn about how to enable your next generation ADAS utilizing our 3D color vision and depthmap together with high speed data transport technology from Etron/eYs3D/eEver combined!

    Speaker: Mr. Limas Lin

    VP of Technical Marketing & Business Development

    Mr. Lin serves as Etron VP of Technical Marketing & Business Development with a demonstrated history of working in the semiconductors industry and skilled in Consumer Electronics, ASIC, and Start-ups. Prior to join Etron, Mr. Lin was the Sr. Marketing Manager at Intersil & BD Director at TranSwitch. Before that Mr. Lin cofounded Kolorific in 2003 and served as its President. He was the Marketing Director of Panstera which was acquired by Pixelworks in 2001 with $127M. He also held various positions in ITE and National Semiconductor. Mr. Lin is a strong engineering professional earned a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwestern University.

    18 Jan.
    11:00 ~ 12:00
    Seminar Room : East- B
    The Challenge of Memory in Future Automotive World

    The car electronics weighting is growing fast and soon over 50% for year over 2020. Infotainment is key driver in revnue but Connectivity and ADAS are the most challenge to provide the reliable memory. Functional safety (ISO26262), High Quality, BLR, Longevity.. are the key to be success. Winbond will deliver her experience and successful story with promoted product profolio in Flash, DRAM, Security elements to be the value partner.

    Speaker: Mr. Naomi Mimura (MIMURA NAOKI)

    Marketing Department, General manager

  • Product marketing at domestic major semiconductor manufacturers, In charge of overseas business
  • In charge of overseas sales at US-based manufacturer
  • Current position since August 2015
  • * Please note that the programs are subject to change. English-Japanese consecutive interpretation is provided during the presentation.

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    Etron Technology, Inc

    Etron Technology, Inc. (Taiwan GTSM: 5351) is a world-class fabless IC design and product company, specializing in buffer memory and system-on-chips. The specifications include SDR, DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and Mobile DDR2. The capacity is from 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb, 512Mb, 1Gb, 2Gb, to 4Gb, and the input in bits are from 4 to 64. The system-in-package, includes CEDRAM, KGDM, USB Type-C high speed controller chipsets and 3D Depth-Map and Spherical 360° video capturing chipsets. The complete product line has been used widely in various emerging areas, including broadband networking, IoT, display panels, automotive and robotics, announcing that the company has stepped into a new era of intelligence.


    Technical competence is one of our greatest assets, and a primary reason for our emergence as one of the prime initiators of mainstream IT technology. In addition to participation in technical specification determination, we are often viewed as an industry benchmark and a catalyst for industry and technology trends.

    Our capacity for technological innovation is exemplified by our extensive systems knowledge and system integration expertise. New product development of our highly integrated total solutions evolves with consideration of the entire system and fully utilizes our expertise in digital and analog mixed mode design and integration of key components, such as microcontrollers, DSP, RISC, PLL, RFIC and embedded memories. This technology allows us to achieve the primary development goal of system-on-a-chip, greatly increasing product efficiency.

    Our expertise in system development and IC design is matched by our manufacturing knowledge and technologies, ensuring product quality and reliability.


    Winbond Electronics.Corp was established in September 1987 and listed on Taiwan Stock Exchange in 1995 with headquarters in Central Taiwan Science Park, Taichung, Taiwan.

    Winbond is a specialty memory IC company engaged in design, manufacturing and sales services. From product design, research and development, and wafer fabrication to the marketing of brand name products, Winbond endeavors to provide its global clientele top quality low to medium density memory solutions.

    Winbond's major product lines include Code Storage Flash Memory, Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM. Our advantage of technological autonomy and prudent capacity strategy enables us to build a highly flexible production system and create synergy among product lines, which allows us to meet the diverse demands of customers while building the brand image.

    In the area of Code Storage Flash Memory products, we focus on the “low to medium density” market by offering a full spectrum of Serial Flash and Parallel Flash products. Our Flash memory packages offer features such as low pin count, small size and low cost. We also offer SPI NAND and SLC NAND flash memory products to better meet the customer demands for code storage. With considerable market share in computer peripheral markets, we also actively develop a diversity of flash memory products for applications in mobile devices, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, IoT and wearable devices.

    Winbond specializes in the design of high-performance, low-power memory. With a 12-inch fab, we offer a whole series of Specialty DRAM and Mobile DRAM products that target a top-tier clientele and quality-oriented applications. Winbond’s products are used extensively in handheld devices, consumer electronics and computer peripherals. We also focus on high-barrier, high-quality applications, such as KGD, automobile and industrial electronics.

    To provide timely and respective services to clients around the world, Winbond has set up operations and distributor networks in the USA, Japan, China, Hong Kong and Israel. With regard to quality, Winbond implements rigorous process control and quality control, strengthening yield analysis and supply chain management to satisfy customer needs. The long-standing efforts in quality assurance have earned the Company a good reputation and resulted in the accreditation of ISO 9001, TS 16949, QC 080000, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001.

    In the future, Winbond will continue to provide customer-oriented services and concentrate our resources on the markets in which we have a competitive advantage. At the same time, riding on the strength of our advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing know-how, coupled with the innovation and wisdom of our employees, observing the core values in all operational activities, Winbond will strive towards the goal of becoming a world-class solution provider.

    About SIPO

    ★ Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office” (SIPO)

    ★ Established by “Ministry of Economic Affairs(MOEA)”

    “Smart Electronics Industry Project Promotion Office (SIPO)” was established by Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs of Taiwan to promote multiple development of semiconductor industry and applications of emerging technologies, such as smart electronics, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Besides, by mastering the latest market trends of smart electronics industry, SIPO is managed to provide a cooperation platform for the industry and an investment environment that can facilitate technology development. All of these will help the industry to enhance its innovation capacity and added value; maintain the competitive advantages of Taiwan’s semiconductor industry; and industrialize IoT and AI technology.

    5 Goal Services and Promotion Works

    1. Commanding the development of companies and help them eliminate investment obstacles and facilitate investments.
    2. Maintaining the cross-ministerial single window to effectively facilitate communications between industries and government and promotion of industrial development.
    3. Play the role of Taiwanese government aides to plan and promote important industrial policies of government.
    4. Intensify the cooperation along the entire IoT and AI industrial chain and with major international players to improve Taiwan's industrial competitiveness.
    5. Recruiting international professionals to increase Taiwan's capability of technology.

    IoT Promotion Platform

    Coordinate, Plan, and Promote the Development of the “Smart Electronics Industry” in Taiwan

    SIPO is a platform that promotes the “Smart Electronics Industry,” what promotes and operates SIGs (special interest groups) related to thesmart electronics industry, and provides services to companies that focus on developing applications of smart car electronics, smart medical electronics, and smart home. Through the promotion platform, SIPO assists domestic smart IoT system and semiconductor companies, shares latest developments of smart IoT products and technology and facilitates exchange and cooperation, strengthens the connection between the components end, system end, and application and service platform, and comprehensively develops the supply chain of domestic smart IoT industry.

    Smart Car ElectronicsSIG

    The Smart Car Electronics SIG aims to strengthen the connection across the supply chain of domestic smart car electronics industry, and assist Taiwan’s semiconductor companies to gain more opportunities to participate in collaborations of applications of smart car electronics. (Currently, the Smart Car Electronics SIG has 92 member companies, including 44 semiconductor companies, 39 SOM (system of modules) companies, and 9 academic and research institutes and other agencies.)

    Rights of Smart Car Electronics SIG Members
    • Members will receive SIG business matchmaking information and international exchange and cooperation information (exchanges between Taiwan and Japan, Taiwan and US., Taiwan and Southeast Asia/South Asia, Taiwan Day of international brands…etc.) on an irregular basis.
    • Members can participate in exclusive events and activities for SIG members (international industry symposiums, international exhibitions and shows, seminars at international exhibitions, SIG annual conference, and career seminars…etc.).



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    Located on the shore of Tokyo Bay, about 30 minutes by rail from Tokyo Station, Big Sight is Japan's largest international convention venue. Its most distinctive feature is the unique architecture of its 58 m-high eight-storey Conference Tower.

    The architectural element most associated with the Tokyo Big Sight name, the glass and titanium-panelled Conference Tower appears as a set of four inverted pyramids mounted upon large supports.

    The convention center is divided into three main areas, each with their own restaurants and other supporting facilities: The East Exhibition Hall, the West Exhibition Hall and the Conference Tower.

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